The tenders completed in all respect must reach the undersigned by 11:30 AM on due Date and will be opened on the same day at 12:00 Noon.

29 July, 2022 New

29 July, 2022 New

21st October, 2021 (Closed)

  • Auction Notice Dead stock

7th October, 2021 (Closed)

  • Rehab of 3 non functional Tubewells

15th September, 2021 (Closed)

  • Stationary Items
  • NIT Valves

9th September, 2021 (Closed)


10th August, 2021 (Closed)

  • NIT Hiring of Excavator

12th August, 2021 (Closed)

  • NIT Revised Supply Installation of GI Pipeline.

29th July, 2021(Closed)

  • NIT Repair of Drain near GPD.
  • NIT Tyres of small containers.

29th July, 2021 (Closed)

  • NIT Repair and Maintenance work and Nawasher ground section.
  • NIT Supply installation of GI Pipeline.

15th July, 2021 (Closed)

  • NIT Municipal services development in UC jhangi.
  • NIT Media Accessories.

25th June, 2021 (Closed)

  • NIT Bio Degradable Bags for Waste collection.
  • NIT Brushes for Mechanical Sweeper.
  • NIT Brushes for Mechanical Sweeper.
  • NIT Drain Repair Lower MalikPura.