Media & Communication department

Communication and Media Management (C&MM) Department of WSSCA is bridging the gap between citizens of Abbottabad and Company. The Department is arranging events and Awareness Campaigns for masses. Media department is issuing press releases regarding activities of WSSCA and clarification in case of misunderstanding. Staff of C&MM department regularly visiting private and Government Schools / Colleges for awareness sessions, arranging Awareness Walks with other stakeholders, organizing Awareness stalls in chowks and Bazars and visiting door to door and shop to shop for creating awareness regarding conservation of water and Cleanliness. Communication and Media Department of WSSCA celebrating all International days related to Municipal Services such as World Water Day, World Cleanup Day, Global Hand Washing Day etc.

One can have the greatest business, but without promoting its company and the products it offers, nobody will know it exists. That's where a good media and communications department comes in. Whether a business is at just starting up, an established mid-sized company or a large corporation, having a communications department is vital to getting the word out about the business and what it does.

The communications department may assume your public relations or public affairs department. The department works closely with other departments to ensure it understands the dynamics of your business and the information it needs to communicate. The communications department plays a crucial role in an organization's success.

In corporate communication it is important to establish owns brand, promote your products or services and gain new customers. When done well, corporate communication will not only help to get new customers but will encourage the existing customers to stay loyal to your brand. Corporate communications include social media, media relations, client events and advertising.

Corporate communications goals also include internal company communication. This helps management keep other staff in the know about what’s going on and helps to strengthen the various departments of the company. Internal communications include company newsletters, regular emails and staff team-building events.

Our Media and Communication department is manned by an Assistant Manager under whom a photographer/media editor is also working.


Typical functions of a communications department include:

  • Managing your website and social media, including working with website developers, posting regular social media updates and engaging with people on your social media channels.
  • Managing blogs, including creating a relevant editorial calendar, writing articles and working with freelancers to create content.
  • Running promotions, either on social media or at physical locations.
  • Holding events, such as continuing education opportunities, networking mixers or an open house.
  • Overseeing media relations, including writing and distributing news releases, responding to media inquiries and maintaining a media kit about your company.
  • Public speaking, including representing your company in public settings and preparing executives to speak at events such as news conferences.
  • Managing marketing materials, including brochures, newsletters and mailers.
  • Finding opportunities for advertising, whether in print, on TV or online.
  • Handling crisis communications when an event threatens public safety or your company’s reputation, such as an accidental death, a toxic spill or layoffs.
  • Creating and implementing an annual communications plan, often in conjunction with other departments.
  • Overseeing internal company communications, including internal announcements and training.