Maintenance activities are daily based works carried out at different sites of our jurisdiction. The maintenance works include rectification of pipe leakages, installation of new valves, rectification of old valves, rectification of pumping machineries of tube wells and rectification of transformers installed at tube wells and pumping stations. During last 1 year, we have rectified 841 pipe leakages, 95 old valves, 25 pumping machineries and 9 transformers while 25 new valves were installed. When any complaint is received through Pakistan Citizen Portal, Complaint Cell, direct phone calls or written applications, we ensure to resolve all those complaints in the shortest possible time period.

Site Activities

Nature of work Before this week This week Grand total
Rectification of pipe leakages 708 21 729
News Valves/Rectification of valves 106 3 109
Rectification of pumping 30 0 30
Machineries/Transformers 30 0 30