Solid Waste Management

Our Solid Waste Management department is committed to maintain beauty of Abbottabad. After the core team hired in March 2017, WSSCA started operational activity in 10 UC's. At start We were facing issues with identification of our own area but slow and gradually we moved on. Solid waste management includes daily sweeping, garbage collection, clearance of old dumps, killing stray dogs, drains cleaning and rehabilitation, transportation of collected waste to dumping site and improvements in dumping site/s.Formulation of new projects for upgrading the existing infrastructure designed for water and sanitation.Community development through participatory approach in cleanliness drives and media coverage.

Water Supply

There is no exception for us to provide clean drinking water in Abbottabad city.The activities of water supply department includes Water supply operations, maintenance and improvements, Regularization/legalization of illegal water supply connections, Extension of water supply net to un-served communities and Waste water disposal and treatment. Team-Water Supply has planned a comprehensive strategy for the on-going drive against illegal water supply connections within the jurisdiction of WSSCA. The drive has been launched from January 2018 and As a result of this drive and other improvements in services delivery, the population coverage of water-supply services has been increased. In this manner a lot of improvements have been made in water supply system since March 2017. Highlights of reports


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